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Many screensaver builders allow you to create only slideshow screensavers or use only previously-created animations. But with Animated Screensaver Maker you easily create animation by yourself. For example, you can add weather effects, turn a photo into an underwater world with moving fish, or create a beautiful sea background.
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All the animations seem to be in the foreground. Include mid and long distance objects as well. for example trees that are bending in the wind. I'd also include size adjustabe images and color adjusters so as to match the animations to t

Whiterabbit-uk, 04.02.2012, 08:35
22 votes Vote

Could not find a way to animate the TOP of an image; make this easier

Laurel, 04.02.2012, 07:13
18 votes Vote

this should be good if it name Slide Show Maker(not only use in screen saver), also add st more effect, and the DLC pack must free

tThanh, 04.02.2012, 07:37
14 votes Vote

add support for RAW format

Laurel, 04.02.2012, 07:14
12 votes Vote

Although there are quite a few different animations included, I thing there should be much more variety, for example more obvious differences in the waving grass animations, more animals etc. Also enable effects to be adjusted

What I mean by adjusts for example the electric shocks. These are set pieces with no ability to create a start and end point. If you coult define a point a to point b where the shocks would go, would be much better than the stock shocks that...
Whiterabbit-uk, 04.02.2012, 08:31
10 votes Vote

Include animated animals and human figures, all of which should be size adjustable so that they can be added to various parts of an image to ensure perspective is retained..

Whiterabbit-uk, 04.02.2012, 08:40
9 votes Vote

Include starburst filters and others that add those lens flare images when you shoot into the sun. Enable the user to change the angle and size of these flares.

Whiterabbit-uk, 04.02.2012, 08:39
1 vote Vote

Be able to create HD format (eg. 16:9) screensavers for use on widescreen monitors and laptops.

Be able to create HD format (eg. 16:9) screensavers for use on widescreen monitors and laptops.
Andre Clavell, 04.02.2012, 22:59
0 votes Vote

Can't open the programme because on double click it says...could not find any compatible Direct3D device.

Amit Das, 05.02.2012, 01:51